Andrii Parkhomenko

PhD Candidate in Economics | UAB - Barcelona GSE
Andrii Parkhomenko
I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. In Fall 2017, I am joining the University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business) as an Assistant Professor.

I am a macroeconomist who studies how features of internal economic geography matter for the economy as a whole. In particular, I examine how barriers that separate local housing and labor markets affect allocation of workers across space, and thus local and aggregate economic outcomes. I also quantitatively evaluate policies that improve the outcomes by counteracting these barriers. Another line of my research focuses on understanding why incentives to invest in managerial human capital differ across countries and what these differences imply for country-level productivity.

In my job market paper I evaluate the effects of the recent rise of housing supply regulation in the U.S. on aggregate productivity, and on wage and house price dispersion across metropolitan areas. In order to do this, I propose an equilibrium model with heterogeneous workers and multiple locations, in which local regulation is determined endogenously in a political process. I also show that a policy intervention that weakens incentives of local governments to restrict supply could reduce wage and house price dispersion, and boost productivity.

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